Foam control strategies are vital to helping you optimize gas production and promote liquid unloading in your wells and processing systems. Whatever your need, foam control treatments from Baker Hughes deliver proven, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to boost your gas volumes.

Liquid and solid foamers

Improve your gas production using our foamers to unload liquids from both gas wells and oil wells. You benefit in several ways:

Reduce shut-in frequency, with tailored treatment programs designed to maximize production.

Lower your treatment costs, with products that combine foamers with other treatment chemistries such as corrosion or scale inhibitors, while also eliminating the need for duplicate injection points.

Keep your capital investment low, with foamer treatments available for continuous treatment or for batch treatment using liquids or solid sticks.


Defoamer products

Limit the liquid carry over in your separators and other processing units brought on by foaming. Cost reduction benefits include:

Boost production targets, with targeted solutions that limit the likelihood of upsets.

Optimize process operations by fine-tuning defoamer dosage and applications, which can also prevent costly filter plugging and avoid fouling such as asphaltene deposition.

Let’s discuss your specific foam control challenges today and find the optimal treatment strategy to increase gas production at minimal cost and risk.

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Foam control