• Create smooth boreholes with minimal doglegs
  • Extend lateral reach and enhance coiled-tubing drilling performance
  • Ensure precise wellbore placement in the reservoir

  • Coiled-tubing re-entry drilling
  • Extended-reach laterals
  • Slimhole well drilling



Traditional slimhole drilling technology tends to drill holes that are neither smooth nor straight. The CoilTrakTM rib steered motor (RSM) from Baker Hughes allows you to drill straight trajectories for an optimized wellbore profile with minimal tortuosity and low dog leg severity.


Improved efficiency and precise wellbore placement

Part of our CoilTrak™ coiled tubing drilling (CTD) system, the CoilTrak RSM improves efficiency and economics in CT re-entry drilling. It combines a proven rib-steering concept, closed loop control, and Baker Hughes motor technology to provide a unique and integrated steering principle for our CoilTrak CTD bottomhole assemblies. This combination results in minimized tortuosity in your slimhole wellbores, extending the envelope of complex well geometries.

The RSM operates by a simple concept. Directional control during drilling is provided by a steering head consisting of three hydraulically actuated ribs that are spaced 120 degrees apart around the tool body. The steering ribs extend from the tool body to exert a force against the wall of the wellbore, which creates a bit side force in the desired direction. The adjustable and optimized steering capability, combined with sensor measurements close to the bit, improves the geosteering process for precise wellbore placement within the reservoir.

The rib-steering device creates straighter, smoother boreholes with minimal doglegs and less friction when sliding the coil. The resulting wellbores reduce drillstring drag and allow for optimal extended-reach drilling capabilities and 3D steering.

Your drilling program will benefit from longer horizontal step-outs, better wellbore quality, and more efficient drilling. The resulting high-quality wellbore will also simplify your liner running and cementing applications, speeding up your completions operations and getting you to first oil faster.

Contact us to learn how the CoilTrak rib steered motor can optimize your coiled tubing drilling operations.

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