• Protect production systems from corrosion-induced failures
  • Extend asset life by accurately identifying root cause of corrosion
  • Ensure treatment performance remains effective and cost-efficient as system conditions change

  • Production wells
  • Storage tanks
  • Processing facilities



CRONOX™ corrosion control solutions from Baker Hughes protect the lifetime and productivity of your assets by reducing equipment failure, maximizing production time, and reducing leaks and spills. By combining innovative chemistries, knowledgeable experts, and continuous monitoring, we ensure the right chemical treatment program is implemented to solve your corrosion challenge.


Target corrosion challenges under any circumstance

Whether applied at the first sign of corrosive activity or later to mitigate further damage, our comprehensive line of inhibitors protects against corrosion in any production, storage, transport, or processing equipment — regardless of the cause or conditions. This includes inhibitors specially formulated to protect against corrosion in:

  • sour or high-CO2 environments
  • systems with oxygen ingress
  • high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) and high-velocity environments.


Tailored treatment designs

Baker Hughes corrosion experts understand how field conditions, application types, and chemistries affect treatment results. Therefore, each of our corrosion inhibitors undergoes extensive testing to ensure we develop the best treatment design for your asset integrity needs. After implementation, we continue to monitor and fine tune your treatment to ensure consistent and cost-efficient performance.

Contact your local Baker Hughes representative to find all about CRONOX corrosion control solutions.  


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