• Accurately predict reservoir performance
  • Reduce operating costs by eliminating interventions for PLTs and surface well testing
  • Accurately capture historical trends with real-time data

  • Reservoir management and optimization in any completion design
  • Real-time flow monitoring during both production and injection
  • Production allocation



For highly accurate flow measurements of your well’s production, count on SureFLO™ downhole flowmeters from Baker Hughes. Gain critical flow data for more informed decisions to extend your well’s productive life—at lower cost and minimal risk.


Advanced designs for wide-ranging applications

For more than a quarter-century, Baker Hughes has been the industry leader in downhole flowmeters. Continued design advances and analytical insights mean that you can rely on SureFLO flowmeters to deliver reliable data from your wellbore and reservoir.

Get assured data accuracy under a wide range of production rates and fluid properties with the SureFLO™ 298 flowmeter. Designed with multi-drop capability, the SureFLO 298 flowmeter enables multiple pressure/temperature gauges and flowmeters to be installed in the same well. It also supports commingled intelligent field completions, which are installed at a lower cost compared to having a single bore well for each zone.

The SureFLO 298 flowmeter’s venturi sleeve can be retrieved via wireline to allow access to intervene below the flowmeter, if needed. The sleeve can also be resized to accommodate lower flow rates when your well’s production rate declines. While the flowmeter works in various production environments, it is ideally suited for heavy oil and wet gas applications.

Collect real-time production data, without constricting the wellbore, with the SureFLO™ 298EX fullbore downhole flowmeter. The industry’s first fullbore-access downhole electronic flowmeter, the SureFLO 298EX minimizes pressure losses associated with downhole tools to ensure that your well can produce with its natural lift.

You can perform any required intervention through the SureFLO 298EX flowmeter, without the additional production downtime commonly associated with well interventions. The flowmeter also lets you observe real-time data to determine if the intervention improved your well’s production.


Measurement accuracy meets long run life

The SureFLO flowmeter’s quartz transducers provide in-well pressure/temperature monitoring and flow measurements with an accuracy of up to 98%—measurements you can use to optimize production from the reservoir. And, you can make these measurements without stopping production to bring in expensive well-testing equipment.

SureFLO downhole flowmeters incorporate SureSENS™ gauges, which have quadruple the life expectancy of the typical downhole gauge on the market. This solution helps minimize your risk of deferred production associated with pulling the meters to replace a failed gauge.

Contact us to learn how SureFLO downhole flowmeters can deliver detailed insights into your well’s production profile.

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