• Test and sample in ultra-low mobility reservoirs across a wide range of applications
  • Reduce the dependency on inflatable packers
  • Ensure compatibility and flexibility with entire product portfolio

  • Low permeability reservoirs, unconsolidated formations, laminated and heterogeneous formations
  • Heavy oil sampling
  • Challenging boreholes

Confidently test and probe in your ultra-low mobility reservoirs with the RCX™ MAGNA large area multi-probe sampling service from Baker Hughes. The industry’s largest probe packer, RCX MAGNA provides safe, efficient, and reliable testing and sampling, without the need for inflatable packers.

Ensure effective sampling with increased deployment flexibility

During the exploration of your ultra-low mobility wells, you’re likely reluctant to deploy inflatable packers due to high risks and adverse effects on operational efficiency. Inflatable packers are prone to differential sticking and become deformed after multiple settings, causing well swabbing when pulling out of hole.

The RCX MAGNA’s multi-probe module provides risk-free deployment, with an equalization feature to eliminate differential sticking. The service offers unlimited settings and is not impacted by hole ovality.

Low permeability formations require a large flow area to limit the effect of high-pressure differentials on sample efficiency. The RCX MAGNA service can test and sample in ultra-low mobility reservoirs with 66 in.2 (425.81 cm2) of flow area and differential limits of up to 7,500 psi (51.71 MPa).

The robust downhole pressure testing and sampling tool is designed with two large flow-area probes positioned radially, 180 degrees from each other at the same depth. The service provides testing and sampling to 0.1 md/cp, ensuring more accurate and reliable data acquisition.

The RCX MAGNA’s modular design allows custom configurations with all products available in the Reservoir Characterization eXplorer™ (RCX™) portfolio. It also gives you the ability to achieve all your well sampling and testing objectives in a single decent.

Contact us today to learn more about how the RCX MAGNA large area multi- probe sampling service can mitigate risk and improve the performance of your well.