Openhole isolation packer solutions from Baker Hughes deliver proven reliability and long-term annular isolation in your openhole completions.

Our openhole isolation packers are routinely deployed in wide-ranging applications, including:

  • In unconventional completions, our packers reliably isolate target zones during openhole fracturing jobs
  • During drilling operations, our packers provide robust sealing of the formation ahead of stage cementing, plug-and-abandonment, and sidetracking jobs
  • During completion operations, deploy our openhole isolation packers to isolate the gas cap, block off oil/water contact, and segment horizontal production zones

Specific products in the openhole isolation packer family include the REPacker™ reactive element packer, which uses a self-swelling elastomer element to close off annular flow around your wells’ tubular assemblies. The seal self-energizes in all annular fluids, even hydrocarbons.

And for your deep, extreme-condition wells, the RockLock™ mechanical packer eliminates annular flow and ensures uniform production inflow along the lateral of your well. The packer gives you an assured, long-lasting seal in irregular openhole wellbores, regardless of fluid type or temperature.

Contact us today to learn more about how openhole isolation packers from Baker Hughes can help optimize your openhole completions.

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Openhole isolation packers