• Automates pressure measurements and analysis
  • Reduces risk of human error by enabling downhole automation and real-time control, and ensures accurate measurements
  • Saves rig time by providing pressure profiles as on the first logging run, and enhances efficiency by reducing number of runs

  • Openhole logging, slimhole logging
  • High-pressure environments
  • All formation types

The FTeX™ advanced wireline formation pressure testing service from Baker Hughes delivers reliable and accurate pressure data by combining downhole automation with real-time control. It reduces time in the well by obtaining pressure profiles, as well as fluid contact and mobility information to provide critical formation data as early as the first logging run. This offers reservoir engineers and petrophysicists the opportunity to make earlier decisions on how to proceed to meet evaluation objectives.

Using an intelligent platform, the FTeX service reduces the possibility of human error and minimizes test time by optimizing the operation sequence. Test parameters and controls for drawdowns are set automatically, requiring minimal effort to run a test. By adapting the formation response from the first drawdown and defining a behavior for subsequent drawdowns in real time, the service determines optimal pressure measurements, leading to increased data accuracy and time utilization.

Combinable with other wireline formation evaluation and petrophysical services, the FTeX service decreases time dedicated to evaluation, saving valuable rig time and cost. Additionally, the intelligent platform’s electrical features minimize risk of system failure, and its precise pressure gauge acquires some of the most accurate measurements in the industry.

Intelligent platform automates pressure measurements and analysis and calculates mobility data for increased data accuracy.

Downhole automation with real-time control optimizes the operation sequence to reduce the risk of human error.

Fully combinable with other wireline services reduces the number of runs and saves rig time.

FTeX™ advanced wireline formation pressure testing service applications include:

  • Openhole logging
  • Slimhole logging
  • High-pressure environments
  • All formation types

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