• Get assured, unlimited mechanical open and close cycles
  • Simplify operation and troubleshooting with optimized, simplified design
  • Minimize number of locations for debris to collect with smooth internal bore

  • Effective isolation while installing upper completion
  • Reliable formation isolation during ESP workovers
  • Isolations requiring an ISO 28781 V1 Type C or CC Qualified seal

Isolate your formation while installing your upper completion with mechanical isolation valves from Baker Hughes. Our bi-directional downhole barrier valves also deliver assured integrity during workovers, while eliminating full well kill operations and formation damage.


Ease of installation and robust isolation

A typical completion for a mechanical isolation valve assures efficient installation and reliable protection. During a changeout of your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system, the valve is installed below the downhole packer. Once your packer is set, the valve is mechanically closed with a shifting tool.

Another mechanical shifting tool is attached to tailpipe below the ESP tailpipe, Pod, or Y-tool bypass tubing. As the new ESP is run in hole, the shifting tool opens the mechanical isolation valve. Once the hanger is landed, production can start.

Contact us today to learn how our mechanical isolation valves can give you assured formation protection during your workover operations.

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