• Get unlimited controlled open/close cycles via control lines from surface
  • Ensure a premium barrier with a primary metal-to-metal seal
  • Deploy at any depth with a balanced line design

  • Lubricator applications
  • Wellbore isolation applications
  • Well suspension applications



Get robust zonal isolation in applications up to 10,000 psi with the Orbit™ barrier valve from Baker Hughes. Featuring state-of-the-art design and evaluated under the industry’s most rigorous testing, the Orbit barrier valve delivers the most reliable well control in your highest pressure conditions.


Get proven performance in wide-ranging applications

The Orbit Barrier Valve is a tubing retrievable, surface controlled hydraulic ball valve. With a dedicated open/closed ‘fail-as-is’ dual control line operating system, the valve gives you assured control that is unaffected by setting depth and tubing pressure.

The Orbit valve can be deployed to deliver operational benefits in a number of high-pressure applications.

  • As a lubricator, the Orbit barrier valve provides bi-directional pressure integrity, enhances safety through full-bore protection, and protects subsurface safety valves from inadvertently dropped objects. And by eliminating the need for conventional surface deployment systems, the valve saves you money, time, and resource allocation.
  • As an isolation valve, the Orbit barrier valve provides efficient on/off zonal isolation and differential opening to enable valve operation when pressure across the ball cannot be equalized. The valve gives you assured downhole shut-in for build-up pressure tests. When open, the valve provides maximized flow area and full-bore access to your lower completion, without the need to pull the diverter plug. The valve’s interventionless operation also saves you money, time, and resources while reducing downhole risks.
  • In well suspension applications, the Orbit barrier valve provides two remotely operated downhole barriers that also provide full bore access to your lower completion. This application gives you the ability to perform batch drilling and completion operations with greater efficiency and lower risk. And offshore, the application allows you to deploy your subsea Christmas tree, without the time and expense of a rig.
Ensure reliable sealing and efficient millouts

The Orbit barrier valve also provides design features that give you greater reliability and efficiency downhole. The valve’s non-translating closure mechanism allows the ball to rotate about a fixed point, resulting in enhanced sealing capabilities. The mechanism is also highly debris tolerant, thanks to a nickel and Teflon coating that prevents surface defects from forming and prohibits solids from entering the closure. And once the valve is no longer required, its keyed components allow for easy milling to bring your well back into full production.

Contact us today to learn how the Orbit barrier valve can bring new efficiency and flexibility to your completions operations.

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