• Lower operating expenses while extending pump run life and efficiency
  • Extend application range in harsh well conditions
  • Reduce the risk of pump plugging

  • Abrasive production fluid conditions
  • High-temperature production wells



Extend the run life of your electrical submersible pumping system in harsh well conditions with Armor™ X protective coating from Baker Hughes. The proven, proprietary nickel-boron coating achieves 100% coverage over pump stages, protecting them from wear and degradation in abrasive, high-temperature environments.

An advanced electro-chemical process applies the Armor X coating with uniform coverage and thickness of 3-5 mils (thousandths of an inch) on surfaces of the entire pump/gas separator stages. Treated components include impellers, diffusers, bottom diffuser, and modular thrust bearing components such as carrier bearings and thrust bearing drivers and spacers.

The advanced coating ensures longer stage running life, thanks to a high bond strength of greater than 10,000 psi, a low coefficient of friction, and a hardness comparable to tungsten carbide.

Contact us to learn how the Armor X surface coating can extend your pump performance and well production.

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