Monitor pump health

View the health of downhole pumps according to a wide range of technical variables, with live data updates every few minutes.

  • Track real-time data through intuitive web interface
  • Set alarms for a range of parameters
  • Anticipate failure and implement corrective actions
Avoid shutdowns

Take corrective action early to avoid unnecessary shutdowns and optimize the performance of downhole equipment.

  • Accurately monitor pump conditions
  • Identify failure conditions in advance
  • Maximize lift performance without stopping production
Enhance production

Leverage advanced analytics to gain real-time insights that optimize well performance and maximize oil and gas production.

  • Generate predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Predict flow rates
  • Identify opportunities to increase production


Whatever downhole pumps you’re running, ProductionLink™ Insight service empowers you to monitor the health of artificial-lift systems, stay ahead of potential problems, and maximize recovery from artificial-lift operations.

Supported with 24/7 surveillance by a team of experts who continuously monitor the condition of downhole assets and well conditions, our collaborative, data-rich artificial-lift monitoring application extends equipment run time and prevents frequent shutdowns to change pumps. With seamless support for a wide range of data types, the application minimizes well-intervention costs, production losses, and power consumption, while optimizing lift performance and production.

The simple and intuitive web-based application provides a snapshot view of the health of your devices. Its interactive dashboards and tools enable you to change set points, set and acknowledge alarms, manage deviations, shutdowns, and communications outages, and track hundreds of technical variables in real time.

With two months of continuous operating data available at the click of a mouse and continuous live updates, our data feed is richer than any rival offering. But we go much further than monitoring and surveillance—the advanced physics-based models and algorithms we’ve built into the application generate descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. 

Leveraging rich data sets on historical performance and successful past actions, our analytics give you the actionable insights you need both to optimize well performance and to mitigate risks associated with potential tool failures—before problems actually arise. If and when corrective action is required, you’re armed with the intelligence you need to take remedial action early.

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