• Maximize the profit potential of processing opportunity crudes
  • Minimize risks of crude unit upsets

  • Shale or tight oils
  • Heavy, asphaltenic crudes, and sour crudes
  • High-acid and high-metal crudes

Overcome your concerns in processing discounted crudes with the innovative Crude Oil Management™ approach from Baker Hughes. With its suite of tools and treatment technologies, our approach gives you the best feedstock preparation and desalting performance possible, while maximizing profitability and minimizing risk.


Comprehensive risk assessment

The Crude Oil Management approach begins with a comprehensive risk assessment conducted by our crude processing experts. This assessment includes understanding upstream recovery operations and how previous chemical treatments of a particular crude might affect downstream processing.

The assessment also includes evaluating how your refinery receives the crude—whether by truck, rail, pipeline, or ship—to gain perspective on storage, handling, and blending activities before it reaches your crude unit. Our engineers can also identify and address potential processing limitations that may arise from different crude blends.


Innovative technologies

When new crudes come to market, we immediately begin development on new technologies to overcome their processing challenges. Each new solution is designed and quickly delivered to ensure that you can maximize the profitability of these newly available crudes.

Take advantage of our extensive portfolio of treatments, including:

  • FLO™ pipeline drag reducers
  • SULFIX™ H2S scavengers
  • XERIC™ heavy oil programs
  • LIFESPAN™ exchanger fouling control programs
  • TOPGUARD™ and SMARTGUARD™ corrosion control programs

These treatments are supported by extensive modeling platforms and mechanical service programs to ensure reliable and profitable refinery operations.

With the Crude Oil Management approach, you’ll gain deep insights into the processing challenges of lower priced opportunity crudes—helping to increase your crude diet flexibility without compromising reliability.

Contact us today to learn how the Crude Oil Management approach can increase your bottom line.

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