• Enables treatment in horizontal wells to a nearly unlimited number of stages
  • Saves rig time and reduces personnel risks with simple, easy-to-configure tools
  • Achieves sand plug isolation in horizontal wells—without the use of frac sleeves

  • Extended-reach laterals
  • Unconventional horizontal wells
  • Selective restimulation and zonal shut-off



Annular fracturing services from Baker Hughes give you faster and more effective fracturing solutions for your extended-reach, multistage completions where conventional solutions fall short.

As your well construction and fracturing methods evolve to develop longer laterals and more stages, our annular fracturing services continue to advance. Our coiled-tubing-deployed technologies are proven to extend multistage stimulation to a near unlimited number of annular frac stages—in a single trip downhole.


Perforate and fracture in one trip

Gain fast and effective access to your formation during annular fracturing with the EasyCut™ carbide sleeve abrasive perforating tool. The tool is deployed with the OptiPacker™ bottomhole assembly (BHA), which holds the EasyCut tool stationary, and the EasyTag™ casing collar locator, which ensures that the BHA is accurately placed at your perforating zone of interest.

By combining the carbide sleeve with the full centralization provided by the OptiPacker, you’re assured efficient perforation using a 2 7/8-in. tool inside 4 ½-in. to 5 ½-in. casing. The hydraulic fracturing can be pumped down the coiled tubing or annulus immediately after perforating. This process of perforating and fracturing can be repeated multiple times without having to trip the BHA out of the wellbore—saving you rig costs and minimizing your nonproductive time.


Control production stage-by-stage

Target your stimulation treatments for multiple stages with the coiled tubing actuated frac system (CAFS). Featuring reclosable multi-shift sleeves and a robust, resettable bottomhole assembly (BHA), CAFS ensures a flawless fracturing operation for any number of stages in your well. With its annular packer and shifting mechanism that includes the industry-proven HB™ shifting keys, CAFS lets you open and close the sleeves as required over the life of your well. You can close sleeves to shut off nonproductive or water-bearing stages, close or re-open sleeves to selectively stimulate stages, or close certain sleeves after fracturing to allow the formation to heal.


Optimize sand plug placement

Increase the efficiency of the sand plug technique in your horizontal wells with the LitePlug™ composite sand plug technology. Featuring an ultra-lightweight proppant and proppant flowback additive, LitePlug eliminates the challenges of gravity effects and sloughing to stabilize the sand plug in your cased-hole horizontal completions. The technology has successfully stimulated hundreds of stages, with typical completions featuring ten or more stages at 300-ft zone spacing.

Contact us to learn how annular fracturing services from Baker Hughes can deliver fast and effective fracture stimulation treatments to your multistage completions.

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