• Ensure optimized production with concentric flow areas
  • Get assured ease of use with remote actuation via hydraulic pressure
  • Ensure flow assurance by staying permanently locked open

  • Multizone completions
  • High-pressure downhole environments
  • Frac pack applications



Get assured fluid loss control in your multizone completions with the SAF-1 Hydraulic Selectaflow™ valve from Baker Hughes.

A reservoir isolation device in the downhole sand control assembly, the SAF-1 Selectaflow valve is typically installed in the top zone of a multi-zone completion. The valve, in conjunction with concentric isolation tubing, provides complete loss control during installation of your upper completion.

The valve is remotely actuated by applying hydraulic pressure to the production tubing, which initiates production from the isolated zone. In a dual-string completion, actuation pressure is applied through either the long string or the short string. As a backup actuation option, the SAF-1 Selectaflow valve may also be mechanically opened with a standard B-type shifting tool.

The SAF-1 Selectaflow valve gives you assured flow by remaining permanently locked open and incorporating optimized flow areas. The valve is available with a 13 ksi collapse rating, making it ideal for frac pack applications. And because it is available with a bonded main seal, you’re assured reliable performance in extreme downhole environments.

Contact us to learn how the SAF-1 Selectaflow valve can control fluid losses in your multizone completions.

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