• Use remote initiation for production
  • Ensure a balanced seal during upper zone stimulation
  • Open valve with time-delayed feature, with no underbalance required



The Secure Inner Flow Valve (IFV) from Baker Hughes gives you reliable, robust isolation between multiple production zones while stimulating your upper zones. Placed in the lowest zone of your stacked completions, the Secure IFV uses a concentric flow path to allow production fluid from the lower zone to produce up the radial annulus between the screen and the concentric pipe and into the tubing.


Ensure efficient installation and reliable operation

The Secure IFV is installed above the blank screen joint, with its seal assembly stabbed into the sealbore below your last screen joint. The valve will remain closed during your lower and upper zone completions—ensuring isolation and improving the efficiency of your operations.

Once you’re ready to open the valve, the upper zone concentric string seal assembly is stabbed into the lower concentric valve. Tubing pressure is applied from surface to shear the Secure IFV’s screws at a predetermined shear value. This activates a metering device, which cycles for approximately 15 minutes with inhibited water before the valve shifts open. The metering process begins at the same time that pressure from the surface is bled off, providing further efficiency gains to bring the lower zones into production.

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