Detailed reservoir fluid analysis is essential when developing your field for optimal production. Cuttings & Gas Evaluation strategies from Baker Hughes help you make informed drilling and completions decisions for enhanced reservoir production.

Our comprehensive Volatiles Analysis Service (VAS) is a lab-based measurement and advisory service that evaluates your formation’s fluid, petrophysical, and geomechanical properties from drill cuttings or core plugs.

A range of reservoir insights

VAS gives you insights to understand oil migration and variable reservoir characteristics while designing your field development plan.

Specific properties and parameters include:

  • Measurements of C1-C10 content gas and compositional variations such as gas-to-oil ratios and presence of aromatics, paraffins, and heavies/lights
  • An analysis of the formation’s relative fracturability and permeability
  • An estimate of fluid saturations in the pore spaces of the rock
  • Assessments of the estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) of oil in a well
Proven benefits

Whether you want to characterize your lateral, detect fractures and faults, or clearly identify pay zones, VAS delivers a wealth of benefits.

  • Optimize your completion design. Improve your fracturing stage placement and cluster intensity with cuttings analysis that accurately characterizes the near-well formation, identifies faults, and differentiates between water-filled and oil-filled fractures
  • Reduce risk and costly workovers. Identify optimal landing zones and missed pay zones to prevent re-entry or overlooked opportunities
  • Pinpoint your production opportunities. Use the insights from VAS to distinguish between productive and unproductive intervals
  • Trace your reservoir’s history. Gain valuable insights to hydrocarbon migration through time to map oil/water contacts and compare present-to-historical hydrocarbon accumulations
  • Save time. Quickly make informed reservoir development decisions with evaluation insights provided within days of extraction

Learn more about how our Cuttings & Gas Analysis Service can vastly improve your reservoir characterization.

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