• Remove 32 frac plugs in a w-shaped well with one BHA in one trip without NPT
  • Remove 38 frac plugs in a u-shaped well with one BHA in one trip without NPT
  • Maximize hole cleaning and solids transport
  • Drive operational efficiency
  • Saved $150,000 USD by eliminating an additional thru-tubing fishing BHA run to reach TD
  • Experienced no health, safety, and environmental (HSE) issues or nonproductive time (NPT)

Case study details

Drilling longer horizontal wells has become common among operators for maximizing production from the reservoir. However, tight lease boundaries can limit the feasibility of this strategy in some acreages mitigating access to parts of the reservoir.

A customer in the Eagleford Shale Basin had two unique wells where a second lateral had been created parallel to the first one in the same formation. Standard unconventional shale wells are generally L-shaped in layman’s terms. However, one of their wells resembled a “w”-shaped lateral, while the other resembled a “u”-shape. These extraordinarily shaped laterals were created with the objective of obtaining equivalent treatable lateral lengths in a lease with short widths.

The customer required a thru-tubing service that would drill out 32 frac plugs in the w-shaped well with a measured depth (MD) of 17,846 ft, and drill out 38 frac plugs in the u-shaped well with an MD of 21,064 ft respectively.

The major concern, however, was getting to bottom to drill and clean out all frac plugs to ensure production from all stages.

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