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  • Increases reservoir contact and improves ultimate recovery
  • Regains conductivity, quickly and effectively
  • Simplifies in-field application and logistics

  • Initial stimulations and refrac applications in oil and gas wells
  • Conventional and unconventional reservoirs
  • Hydraulic fracturing with acid, aqueous fluids, and water alternatives



Ensure complete stimulation of all perf clusters and targeted zones with REAL™ Divert NW and FF temporary diversion systems from Baker Hughes.

Deploy these proprietary systems as part of your fracturing fluids to ensure both near-wellbore and far-field diversion in initial hydraulic fracture treatments and refracturing applications alike.

Due to their broad particle size distributions, REAL Divert NW and FF agents provide effective, near-wellbore temporary blockage in cased-hole and openhole applications. By redirecting your frac fluid’s flow to the perforation clusters and reservoir sections where it is needed, REAL Divert systems give you maximum stimulation performance.

Each system is fully degradable and soluble in water-based fluids. And because the rate
of dissolution is sufficiently low, the systems can be efficiently mixed and pumped without risk of degrading.

REAL Divert NW and FF agents are engineered for use in applications ranging from 100° to 225°F (38° to 120°C).

Contact us to learn how REAL Divert NW and FF diversion agents can improve the effectiveness of your fracturing jobs.

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