We must focus on reducing emissions and increasing efficiency today.

Expectations have never been higher. We need to demand more from energy, from technology, and from ourselves. There is no excuse. 

At Baker Hughes, we are ready to take control of the challenge.


Understand and navigate the complexities of emissions control

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We are a trusted partner, committed to problem-solving and strategically co-creating unique pathways.

Innovation is never a solo act, so we work alongside you to achieve critical breakthroughs and find tailored solutions that others can't.

Asset Performance Management


Our cost-effective emissions abatement technologies can help you today, and we have the capability to develop scalable solutions you’ll need tomorrow.

Our proven technology portfolio improves productivity, efficiency and delivers increased value at scale across the operation.

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With a 100-year history of working with energy users and producers every day, we know what is possible and can be relied on to deliver.

We're a key player in industry initiatives to tackle emissions, sharing learnings and coordinating action.

Emissions Abatement

Our emissions abatement solutions use advanced technology to monitor and reduce emissions of methane and other greenhouse gases from industrial operations.


Our emissions abatement solutions are key to the carbon cutting challenge

Advanced greenhouse gas detection, monitoring, and reduction technologies are accelerating progress towards a Net Zero future, meeting more stringent emissions standards from bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, enabling the decarbonization of energy and industrials, and protecting the planet while delivering better business outcomes.

Turbomachinery Solutions
Turbomachinery solutions

Our integrated solutions combine turbomachinery and processing expertise. Our modular solutions and emissions control capabilities can turn gas that would normally be flared into value such as a highly efficient power source. Furthermore, we can apply conversion modification and upgrades on installed equipment, increasing efficiency and minimizing venting and flaring.

Reciprocating Compressors

Centrifugal Compressors

Turbomachinery conversion, modification and upgrades

Flare Management
Flare reduction and optimization solutions

Our exhaust emission control flare meter technology, flare.IQ, helps operators reduce methane emissions, ensures high-efficiency flare combustion, and reduces steam usage, both on site and remotely. Our Baker Hughes de-flaring gas processing plant solutions - typically designed for operations with major flare emissions - are adaptable with skid-mounted solutions catering to smaller applications. This strategic shift benefits the community, by unlocking local resources and mitigating CO2 emissions.

Panametrics flare technologies

De-flaring solutions

Flow Process Solutions
Flow and process solutions

We can replace or retrofit emissions control systems in natural gas operations with no-bleed valves to cost-effectively reduce methane emissions.

Becker valves

Masoneilan valves

Learn more about our Emissions Abatement Solutions

Take a deep dive into flaring, venting, fugitive and combustion products with our Emissions Abatement interactive

Emissions Abatement Interactive

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