• Removes objects from wellbore
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Reduces workover costs

  • Onshore or offshore milling applications
  • Remove stuck pipe, broken drill string, broken bits, or even packers
  • Recompletions or P&A operations



Stuck pipe, broken drill string, and even changes in completion design can pose considerable and costly challenges to your drilling operations. Washover and milling services from Baker Hughes can help you efficiently mill through obstructions and even remove objects from the wellbore to minimize downtime and reduce costly workover options.

Mills are generally required when the full inner diameter (ID) of your tubular needs cleaning. Our milling and washover services remove metal, cement, or other debris lodged in the wellbore. Applications include milling tight spots, cement, tubing, packers, bridge plugs, and other debris.


Ensure efficiency gains in your milling operations

Save time and money in your intervention operations with washover and milling solutions custom-tailored to your needs.

Our solutions are proven to aid fishing and retrieval operations with less cost and risk. Washover and milling services were deployed to help retrieve a gravel pack packer in a deepwater Gulf of Mexico well. After formulating an effective solution with the operator, the washover was completed in one run, saving 27 days of rig time compared to a previous operational benchmark, and increased operational efficiency by 86%.

Confidently deploy our solutions to optimize your plug & abandon (P&A) operations. In one such project offshore Thailand, our washover and milling operations helped complete the P&A on 20 wells, reducing on-well time from an average of 1.1 days to 0.5 day, and ultimately saving the operator an estimated $1.6 million.

Contact us to learn how our washover and milling services can optimize your fishing operations.

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