Optimize your through-tubing interventions with workover motor and milling services from Baker Hughes. Our comprehensive range of through-tubing milling products combine the latest cutter technology with advanced hydraulic designs to deliver superior milling performance in your critical applications.


Get proven reliability in your milling operations

Regardless of your milling needs, our workover motors deliver unparalleled performance and power right to the milling tool.

The Navi-Drill™ series of positive displacement workover motors, which includes the VIP™ 2.0 and Navi-Drill X-treme™ series motors, are industry workhorses. Designed for flexibility, these motors operate effectively in a wide range of fluid types, weights, and viscosities while also delivering reliable performance in high-temperature environments.

And for your plug milling applications in harsh well conditions, the ULTRAMAX™ series generates 25 -50% more torque, delivers higher ROP and durability for longer laterals, and delivers high plug counts in more difficult-to-mill frac plug designs.


Mill out every plug—smoothly and safely

Pair our workover motors with advanced milling technology (AMT) tools for unmatched milling efficiency across your entire lateral. Our AMT™ section mills, dressed with METAL MUNCHER™ AMT cutters, let you perform a range of milling operations in less time and expense than conventional milling tools. Built on a track record of proven performance in the field, our milling solutions can help you achieve your milling objectives in just one trip—lowering your rig time while helping to get your well into production sooner.

Contact us to learn how workover motors from Baker Hughes can optimize your thru-tubing intervention operations.

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Workover motor and milling services