• Avoid fluid losses to the formation
  • Ensure shearing at an applied pressure predetermined by your specifications
  • Ensure reliable operation with an optional burst disc that provides hydraulic bypass

  • Fluid loss control after screen placement or gravel packing
  • Temporary barrier to isolate the wellbore prior to activating hydraulically actuated tools in the completion string



Avoid costly fluid losses after your gravel packing or screen placement jobs with the fluid loss control valve (FLCV) from Baker Hughes.

The FLCV also serves as a reliable temporary barrier to isolate your wellbore below the valve from the wellbore above the valve—allowing for hydraulic activation for tools within your completion string.


Select the optimal valve for your application

Tailor the FLCV to your specific downhole needs by adjusting a number of key design parameters.

You can adjust the flapper opening pressure within a range of 2,000 and 4,500 psi, with a higher release pressure corresponding to a greater risk of high fluid loss to your formation.

Ensure fluid bypass in the event that the flapper fails to open with the optional burst disc. A failsafe mechanism, the burst disc has a pressure rating that is carefully calibrated to ensure that the value is never exceeded during your normal operations and that the disc will not prematurely burst at elevated well temperatures.

Run the FLCV in hole under a range of possible options – either locked open by the integral shifting sleeve, held open by the wash pipe in gravel pack applications, or in the closed position. Work with our application experts to determine the optimal run-in option for your operation to ensure that valve deploys and sets as required, with minimal risk of premature release.

Contact us to learn how the fluid loss control valve can provide an effective barrier to avoid fluid losses in your wells.

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