When running an upper completion, you need reliable isolation solutions that will minimize fluid loss to your lower zone. Flapper valve technologies from Baker Hughes can give you proven formation isolation and prevent fluid losses to safely reduce installation time while cutting overall completion costs.

Proven solutions for wide-ranging applications

Choose from our array of field-proven flapper valves to fulfill your completion requirements, ranging from single- to multiple-completion zones and operating environments from onshore to deep subsea wells.

Protect your formation from damage after gravel packing operations with Baker Hughes's Knock-Out Isolation Valve (KOIV). This single-acting valve is ideally suited for single-zone completions or above the lower zone in multizone completions. A frangible flapper ensures reliable opening, either hydraulically or mechanically. Optimal opening is achieved with applied pressure and set down weight, and the flapper closes automatically to prevent fluid losses.

Avoid fluid loss to the main or lower zone when running your upper completion with Baker Hughes's Fluid Loss Control Valve (FLCV). The proven flapper is held open during lower completion installation and then released to prevent fluid loss. The valve is then locked open to allow optimal production, without the need for intervention.

Control fluid losses during gravel packing with Baker Hughes's Multi-Cycle Fluid Control Valve (MCFCV). The valve incorporates multi-cycle tubing pressure applications to open and lock the flapper. Post-completion, the valve remains locked open to maximize production.

Our flapper valve technologies provide field-proven performance benefits for completion operations in a number of ways.

  • Mitigate risks. Avoid the risks of fluid loss and resulting formation damage with versatile flapper valves that offer both mechanical or remote opening functionality
  • Reduce installation times. Increase the efficiency of your upper completion installations with our versatile flapper designs
  • Maintain access to your reservoir. Optimize your gravel packing and screen placement operations with proven flapper valve technologies that allow continuous reservoir access and then close automatically when the workstring is removed

Let’s work together to find the right flapper valve solution to help you isolate completion zones and prevent fluid loss in your wells.

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