• Minimize risks of fluid loss and formation damage
  • Reduce upper completion installation times with proven lower completion isolation
  • Maximize production rates post completion

  • Gravel packing and screen placement operations
  • Other upper completion installations



Minimize fluid losses during gravel packing with Baker Hughes's Multi-Cycle Fluid Loss Control Valve (MCFCV).

This proven flapper valve technology incorporates multi-cycle tubing pressure applications to open and lock the flapper—keeping fluid loss to your lower completion zone under control.

The MCFCV is hydraulically opened with up to 8 pressure cycles, which allows for actuation of multiple hydraulically operated equipment or for testing of the tubing string. The last cycle bleed down releases a piston that pushes a flow tube to open the flapper.

The MCFCV is ideally designed to increase the efficiency of your upper completion installations by isolating your lower completion. The valve holds pressure from above only and reliably maintains an actuating pressure upper threshold of 3000 psi.

Post-completion, this once-acting valve remains locked open to maximize production.

Contact to learn more about how the Multi-Cycle Fluid Loss Control Valve can effectively isolate your lower zones while optimizing your upper completion installation.

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