• Supports differential pressures from above—ranging from 800 to 2,000 psi
  • Provides optimal diameters—large through bore for completion with a smaller tool outside diameter

  • Single-zone completions
  • Above the lower zone in multi-zone completions
  • Post-gravel packing fluid loss prevention



Ensure the integrity of your formation after gravel packing with proven knock-out isolation valves (KOIVs) from Baker Hughes.

The single-acting (one-time) KOIV is designed for your single-zone completions or above the lower zone in multiple-zone completions. The valve automatically supports well hydrostatic pressure while the crossover tool is pulled from your well and the completion seals are run.

The valve contains a frangible flapper held open by the wash pipe or an isolation sleeve during your gravel packing operations. In this position, you can perform normal crossover tool manipulations, without affecting fluid circulation paths.

When the crossover tool is pulled from the packer, the wash pipe will slide freely through the valve. As the end of the wash pipe comes through the valve, the flapper will swing to its seat, reliably sealing off the inside diameter (ID) of the liner.

Contact us to learn how the knock-out isolation valve can provide reliable formation protection after your gravel-packing jobs

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