• Minimize wear and wear on equipment
  • Achieve data accuracy

  • Combines with Sondex Ultrawire logging tools
  • Ensures proper placements of logging tools in the wellbore
  • Overcomes downhole pressures to reach proper logging depth

Our wide range of auxiliary equipment aid in optimum positioning of toolstrings in the borehole, minimize wear and tear, and achieve data accuracy. Accessories for head tension and inclination measurement are also available.

The casing collar locator (CCL) or the quartz pressure and casing collar locator (QPC) responds to changes in metal volume, such as pipe collars and perforations. The QPC tool combines pressure and CCL tool to minimize tool length.

The knuckle joint allows some tools to run decentralized, reducing the number of centralizers required for tools that have to be accurately positioned at the center of a well.

The swivel joint allows the release of torque that would otherwise build up in the cable so that the toolstring is not forced to spin, resulting in loss of log quality.

Our head tension/compression unit* detects longitudinal force in the toolstring that may be either tensile or compressive. When either using coiled tubing or during tractor operations, the ability to measure compression can help avoid toolstring damage, especially when an obstruction is encountered.

Centralizers ensure proper placement of the downhole toolstrings within the wellbore.

  • The 3-arm roller centralizer is suited to a variety of different toolstrings and is often run with the 24-finger multifinger imaging tool.
  • The 4-arm roller centralizer delivers the highest centralizing force and smoothest running. A contoured arm profile aids entry into restrictions, and it is particularly useful in horizontal wells.
  • Our 3-arm easy entry roller centralizer uses a special mechanism to allow it to close with less force when entering restrictions.
  • The springbow centralizer is designed for operations in openhole completions and damaged casing.

The Sondex decentralizers* decentralizes the tool against the sidewall of casings and allows for the accurate measurement of logging and well intervention applications. They are available in the following variants:

  • Magnetic decentralizer
  • Mechanical decentralizer

The Sondex Ultralink-to-Ultrawire Crossover Tool (XTU)* is an intelligent bridge between the Ultrawire toolbus and the Ultralink telemetry system. It serves as both a communications interface and a programmable logging controller. The tool also incorporates a DC-to-DC converter (switch mode power supply) to convert the high voltage on the Ultralink line to power the Ultrawire toolbus.

Our Tungsten weight bars* add weight to the toolstring to help it down the well and to overcome surface and downhole pressure. They are available in other materials such as lead and steel.

The bullnose* provides physical and electrical termination to a toolstring.

The magnetic sweep tools* are tools with magnets in the body to attract and collect ferritic debris from the wellbore and enhance logging operations that would otherwise be hindered if debris were to be left behind.

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