• Compact and rugged construction
  • Connect to any USB-equipped PC

  • Alternative housing lengths to take extended packs
  • Multiple battery configurations

  • Enables memory acquisition from the entire range of logging tools
  • Runs on wireline, slickline, or coiled tubing

Memory logging toolstrings are run on wireline, slickline, or coiled tubing and do not have electrical power fed from the surface. The power, communication, and data storage needed is all supported by downhole instrumentation.

The Ultrawire Memory Tool (UMT) is designed to acquire and store data from a string of logging sensors without using electric line. Slickline, coiled tubing or pipe conveyed logging (PCL) are common conveyances for memory tools. The tool logs data from any combination of downhole instrumentation operating on Sondex Ultrawire telemetry.

The Memory Battery Housing (MBH) houses battery packs that power memory logging tools. Several models are available for a different battery sizes, allowing batteries to be selected to match operational requirements in the most economical way.

The Ultrawire Memory Control Unit (UMU) enables users to program and download data from Sondex memory tools (UMT007 and UMT008) which record data from any combination of downhole instruments operating on Ultrawire telemetry.

The downhole battery packs* are the power source for memory logging tools. They are assembled from 5 cells or 10 cells, and placed in a thin-wall fiberglass tube. Batteries are available with a maximum temperature specification of 302°F (150°C), 329°F (165°C) and 356°F (180°C). When the temperature rate is higher, the output current is lower, especially when the batteries are cold. The batteries can be supplied with different types of connections. The battery packs are used in combination with a MBH.

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