• Reduces operational costs over conventional technology
  • Mitigates HSE risks
  • Transports tractors and surface equipment easily

  • No rig required for installation
  • Leading tractor models have long and successful track records in cased-hole applications
  • Long-reach or tortuous-path tractor applications require careful planning and physical tests using the exact tractor-toolstring configuration

Our conveyance equipment enables fast, cost-effective well interventions in high-angle and horizontal wells where conventional conveyance methods require significantly more rig time, increased number of crew, or highly complex operations.


SondeTrax Wireline Tractor

The SondeTrax wireline tractor system is an intelligent intervention platform and allows for the safe deployment and retrieval of cased-hole wireline services, including, but not limited to, well integrity, production logging, perforating, and mechanical pipe cutting. Under the control of the operator, the system can be activated to push passenger devices while pulling the wireline to the desired depth in highly deviated or horizontal wells.



Our wireline optimization combines field-proven technology, modeling, processes, and local best practices in a total system approach that overcomes your application-specific challenges.

We have proven success in deploying instruments on wireline in deviated, openhole wellbores of about 75° inclination, and cased-hole wellbores in excess of 80°. You can rely on these efficiently planned operations to reduce nonproductive time (NPT) and mitigate health, safety and environmental (HSE) risks.


Wireline Drums*

Our chain and direct-drive wireline drums features two different drum types: split or single.

A split drum has a barrier between the flanges in order to accommodate two individual wirelines. Typically used for cased-hole operations where small, single wirelines are required, this is not to be confused with a “dual drum” system where two individual drums are fitted to the truck or skid.

A single drum has no divider and is typical for openhole operations requiring larger multi-conductor wirelines.


Pipe-Conveyed logging Equipment*

Our pipe-conveyed logging (PCL) equipment provides assurance the logging tools will be able to successfully survey the intended interval of the wellbore. Typically, PCL equipment is used when:

  • The hole deviation exceeds the limits of the instrument’s free-fall
  • Difficult hole conditions warrant PCL use such as washouts, ledges, restrictions, excessive dogleg deviation, and high hydrostatic pressure

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