• Enables safe, reliable, and efficient logging and intervention operations
  • Allows successful well interventions in multiple configurations

  • Make real-time, predictive decisions
  • Fully CE-compliant, portable systems
  • Control panels display surface and downhole data to improve operational efficiency and recovery

  • Surface acquisition of wireline and slickline logging measurements

Acquire and analyze reservoir data to provide the real-time, predictive ability to enable safe, reliable, and efficient logging and intervention operations.


Surface Control Panels

Our Surface Control Panels collect, process, analyze, and display surface and downhole data to improve operational efficiency and recovery.


Depth Time Recorder

The Depth and Time Recorder (DTR) is a rugged depth and data recorder for logging applications. The depth information from an encoder is recorded against time together with other analog channels such as the wireline tension. Intrinsically safe versions of the DTR are also available.


Ultralink Module / Panel

The Ultralink Module (ULM) enables data to be acquired from the entire range of Sondex Ultrawire logging tools. It can be incorporated into almost any surface panel. The module encodes downlink communication from the surface to the toolstring and decodes logging data sent from the toolstring to the surface.


Logging Units*

The Logging Unit is a cabin that contains the surface hardware needed to gather wireline and slickline logging measurements. We offer a range of custom-built e-line trucks, slickline/combination units, and portable skids. Our units are ruggedly built and are supported by required certifications.

The logging units come with winch controls, measurement equipment, and ample space for rack-mounted logging systems. The portable skids come in different variants and can be lifted as a single unit or, if necessary, broken into several pieces to accommodate lifting limitations on smaller rigs.


Rack-mounted Logging System*

The Sondex Rack Mounted Logging System is a cabinet-type, self-sufficient operating and acquisition system which is compatible with the entire range of Sondex logging tools and services. It collects and processes logging data using either a multi- or mono-conductor cable, displays in the form of graphs or curves, and conducts online interpretation of some products.

The rack-mounted logging system has good vibration resistance performance and has strong data backup capabilities.


Portable Logging System*

The Sondex Portable Logging System is a fully CE compliant portable system that is easily transported to a wellsite without the need to be mounted in the logging truck or offshore unit. It provides all the data acquisition and processing functionality necessary for a range of Sondex tools. The system gives an engineer the ability to acquire and process tool data anywhere that has electrical power and connection to the logging cable. The portable logging system is securely fitted into a rugged container for transportation.


Pressure Control Equipment*

The Wireline Pressure Control Equipment allows you to perform successful well interventions in a host of different conditions. We offer an extended range of wireline pressure control equipment including wireline valves, stuffing boxes, grease heads, lubricators, and tool catchers.

We offer equipment covering working pressures from 3,000 to 30,000 psi (206 to 2068 bar), standard, or hydrogen sulfide (H2S_ rated, and equipment with inside diameters ranging from 2 ½ to 9 in.


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