• Enables efficient fishing operations
  • Reduces NPT
  • Delivers accurate depth correlation and casing collar location identification

  • Verifies perforation depth with CCLs
  • Detects gamma rays in formation reliably

  • Wireline deployment
  • Perforating operations

Perforating accessories provided by Sondex offer dependable, rugged, and proven effectiveness in delivering completion perforating services. Our depth correlation instruments and ruggedized accessories are essential to efficient and reliable perforation delivery, run after run.

Our passive perforating casing collar locators (CCL)* verify perforation depth placement in a well by moving a CCL through a section of completion tubing to identify and correlate the pipe couplings to recorded formation responses.

The Perforation Formation Correlation tool* provides durable and reliable formation gamma ray detection for accurate depth correlation and casing collar location identification in completion operations. Scintillation detectors allow for higher logging speeds and better sensitivity in standard temperature configuration.

The cable head* plays an integral role in wireline deployment by providing mechanical and electrical connections from the wireline cable to the toolstring. The built-in weak point holds the weight of the toolstring and enables the wireline cable to be released from the cable head should the tool string become stuck downhole. In this event, the industry standard fishing neck design allows for quick and easy fishing operations, reducing nonproductive time (NPT).

Weight bars*, also known as sinker bars, serve two purposes. They are the weight required to overcome forces created by well pressure and the size of cable used, and they are the mass required to deliver impacts when setting or pulling devices in the wellbore. They may be made of steel, tungsten, or lead, and can be assembled for all temperature range applications.


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