• Significant reduction in logging times
  • Deployable on any type of electric line (e-line) or coiled tubing
  • Multiple modes depending on acquisition or answer product required

  • Combinable with other Sondex Ultrawire™ production logging and well integrity tools
  • Higher count rates and improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Multiple modes for operating versatility

The greater you understand a reservoir, the more effectively you can complete it and produce it.

A detailed knowledge of your reservoir means you can predict recovery. You can leverage our broad portfolio of evaluation technologies to gather, analyze, and act upon downhole formation data to drive better recovery decisions over the life of your asset.

The Ultrawire™ Reservoir Performance Monitor (U-RPM) tool is an advanced, slimhole, multifunction, pulsed neutron reservoir monitoring instrument. Carbon/oxygen (C/O) and pulsed neutron capture (PNC) measurements acquired with the U-RPM tool provide water saturation and three-phase holdup determination, while oxygen activation measurements allow detection of water flow and channels. U-RPM services address a broad scope of reservoir evaluation and management applications, including the following:

  • Reservoir saturation and produced fluids monitoring
  • Formation evaluation
  • Production profiling
  • Workover and well abandonment evaluation
  • Borehole diagnostics
  • Location of bypassed oil
  • Gas detection and quantification
  • Identification of water production

The U-RPM tool can be combined with other Sondex wireline tools and is also available on other alternate proprietary telemetry systems.

The Spectral Pulsed Neutron (SPN) tool employs three high-density, high-resolution gamma ray detectors and an advanced digital downhole acquisition system. The reliable high-output neutron generator produces gamma ray counts up to three times higher than conventional instrumentation, providing the most accurate and efficient measurements in the industry. The enhanced detectors and electronics measure both the arrival time and energy of detected gamma rays. The generator is pulsed at distinct frequencies, and the data acquisition system operates in various timing modes to obtain the different gamma ray measurements.

The tool is flexible with multiple operating modes that are selectable by surface commands. The tool is also very efficient with multiple sensors that enable faster tool movement while performing data acquisition. The SPN service combines multiple acquisition modes, reducing multiple passes down to one pass, without compromising data quality, resulting in logging times reduced by up to 66%.

The Sondex Production Gamma Ray (PGR) tool measures the naturally occurring radiation that is emitted by various formations to determine lithology. It can also detect radioactive scale.

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