• Acquire data and present it in multiple formats
  • Make informed decisions to maximize operational efficiency

  • Delivers full remote logging control with the “Log From Anywhere” Service”
  • Develops plan to reduce water production

  • Surface acquisition systems
  • Memory acquision



Our software enables you to acquire data, present it in multiple formats, and make informed decisions about your operations.


Warrior Acquisition Software

The Warrior Acquisition Software controls and supports the setup and acquisition of all Sondex Ultrawire and memory tools. The software controls all aspects of the logging operation, from programming the memory tool and downloading the data, to merging the tool and depth data and outputting directly into the Warrior database format for post processing.



The Sondex Well Entry Simulation Tool (WEST) software models the forces present in wireline and downhole tools during a logging job. This allows for the accurate prediction of cable tensions at the surface and the cable head, and identifies operational safety limits while executing wireline interventions in complex well profiles, such as highly deviated and horizontal wells.



The Sondex Multiple Array Platform view (MAPview) software reads Sondex Spinner Array Tool (SAT), Resistance Array Tool (RAT), Capacitance Array Tool (CAT), and a central spinner tool (CST) data from a Warrior database and performs all the processing required to generate an interactive 3D view of the borehole as detected by these tools.

MAPview is a highly useful tool when deciding on a cost-effective plan to reduce water production, while increasing the yield of oil and gas. It is simple to use and helps streamline well operations by anticipating or identifying potential problems.



Well Integrity Visual Analysis (WIVA) is a 3D visualization software used to present 3D views of casing and tubing surfaces in order to see completion jewelry, perforations, pipe damage, and other anomalies. It enables the easy interpretation of large amounts of data provided by the Multifinger Imaging Tool (MIT) and Magnetic Thickness tool (MTT).



Well Integrity Processing Evaluation and Reporting (WIPER) software is used to quickly process raw data from a MIT and/or the MTT. The data is conveniently analyzed on screen and a customized report may be created.


Sondex Utilities*

Sondex Utilities is a collection of programs for use with the Warrior Logging System. They include the following: Annotation Copier, Crossplot, Gate Generator, Log Depth Match, Log Editor, Presentation Editor, Remote Datalink, SAT Utilities, Tool Diagram Maker, Welltest Logger, Welltest Plotter, and Welltest Statistics.


ECLIPS Acquisition Software with Remote Logging*

Enhanced Computerized Logging and Interpretive Processing System (ECLIPS) is a surface acquisition system, based primarily on specific software and hardware configurations. Several features built into the software provide you multiple capabilities from downhole tool setup, calibration, data backup, data visualization, presentation, and post-processing.

Our “Log from Anywhere Service” provides full logging control remotely, offering complete job capabilities while reducing the number of personnel required at the well site.


Workflow Manager*

Workflow Manager (WFM) is a framework and toolkit to process and interpret log data acquired using Sondex tools. It provides a means to create and execute processing workflows, graphically render log data, manage data, and more. WFM was designed to be flexible and extensible. The workflows, which provide for a high degree of automation and standardization, are usually designed and maintained by subject matter experts (SME). Users can modify them to suit specific local needs and create their own. While most applications are developed by professional software developers, users can extend the system by adding their own programs. The latter is mainly done by scientists for new tools and algorithms and by SMEs for new analysis products.


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