Wireline software


Advanced wireline software provides producers with easy access to the data acquired by their Baker Hughes wireline tools. Our MAPview Visualization Software, Multi Array Sonic Software processing (MASware) and Well Entry Simulation Toolkit (WEST) help customers make sense of their wireline data.

Sondex heritage helps operators inform key decisions


Our wireline software solutions are built on the heritage of Sondex and continually enhanced by Baker Hughe's software and wireline experts. Our robust software includes MAPview Visualization Software, Multi Array Sonic Software processing (MASware) and Well Entry Simulation Toolkit (WEST).  Using data captured by wireline tools and our wireline software solutions, producers can make assessments that impact operations.  Data including flow rate, fluid types, well integrity and formation evaluation help operators inform key decisions including how best to optimize production and reduce water cut.



MAPview Visualization Software helps you create a cost-effective plan to cut water production and boost your oil and gas yield. MAPview software shows how your well is performing by creating detailed 3D images of the flow regime with data from the MAPS tool suite, which features the Capacitance Array Tool (CAT), Resistance Array Tool (RAT) and Spinner Array Tool (SAT). MAPview offers user-friendly, configurable 3D presentation data on the well bore’s multi-phase flow from multiple tools.  Additionally, it offers displays of easy-to-interpret images and screens with options for annotation. Other visual aids include arrows and distorted meshes to show velocity, and color maps and surfaces to show fluid type. These MAPview features provide a realistic interpretation of well production.  The MAPview tool also has full MS Windows™ compatibility.

Well Entry Simulation Toolkit (WEST) is an essential application for the planning and execution of wireline intervention. WEST mitigates risks by predicting the wireline forces before intervention and monitoring the real-world surface and downhole forces during an operation. WEST determines whether a job is viable within safe operational limits.  WEST is quick to setup and easy to use. WEST requests only the essential parameters in order to make accurate downhole and surface force predictions. Using sophisticated 3D algorithms WEST instantly calculates force predictions and identifies hazards both for open and cased hole wireline operations. Multiple scenarios can easily be created side by side and this enables you to compare, for example, one combination of wireline cable and downhole weak-point with another.

WEST also models wireline intervention in flowing production and injection wells. Output from WEST is presented graphically allowing the user to see the feasibility of wireline intervention at a glance.  WEST compares the expected loads with the equipment limits, enabling you to optimize the selection of logging cables, weak points, toolstring configurations, and flow rates. Risks are identified with clear warning messages. WEST incorporates real-time depth, wireline tension, and cable head tension data. This enables you to see how well the real-world data correlates with the model while running in hole, so any deviation from the plan is immediately apparent allowing a field engineer to respond accordingly.


Warrior V8.24 64 bit (P010V004)
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Warrior V8.24 32 bit (P010V004)
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Warrior Open Hole Supplement V8.00
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Warrior 7 to Warrior 8 Back-up
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Ultrawire Memlog V3.10
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