• Enables safe deployment and retrieval of cased-hole wireline services
  • Measures torque or stretch in harsh conditions
  • Allows complete line of running and setting tools to be deployed on wireline

  • Intelligent intervention platform
  • Digitally controlled and remotely operated
  • Multiple applications from zone isolation to P&A

  • Pipe recovery
  • Reduced production
  • Diagnosing barrier and flow concerns

Wireline deployed well intervention services help you overcome downhole challenges including pipe recovery, reduced production, as well as diagnosing barrier and flow concerns. The portfolio from Sondex includes the following:

  • Deployment services: SondeTrax Wireline Tractor and Addressable Downhole Release (ADR)
  • Pipe Recovery services: Free-Point Indicator tool (FPI)
  • Mechanical cutting: Downhole Electric Cutting tool (DECT)
  • Setting Tools: Ballistic Setting tool and non-ballistic setting tool

The SondeTrax wireline tractor system is an intelligent intervention platform and allows the safe deployment and retrieval of cased-hole wireline services, including, but not limited to, well integrity, production logging, perforating, and mechanical pipe cutting.

The Addressable Downhole Release (ADR) cased-hole release tool suite is a digitally controlled and remotely operated device that enables the controlled release from a toolstring downhole and leaves a clean fishing neck for the safe retrieval of wireline tools or perforating guns

The Free Point Indicator (FPI) is an electro-mechanical assembly designed to accurately measure torque or stretch in harsh conditions to locate precisely where drillpipe, tubing, or casing is stuck or partially stuck.

The Downhole Electric Cutting Tool (DECT) is a mechanical cutting tool that can produce a machine-shop quality finish to cuts of downhole tubulars, drillpipe, and production tubular/casing, at any deviation, in any fluid, when they become stuck in the well.

The ballistic and non-ballistic setting tool* allows out complete line of reliable running and setting tools to be set on wireline, coiled tubing, and threaded pipe. The field-proven design of our running and setting tools assures a complete and successful set of downhole equipment for varying applications from zone isolation to plug and abandonment campaigns.

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