Product Overview
Pressure Measurement

Operating Pressure Ranges Any full scale range may be specified between 0 - 1035 bar/15,000 PSI sealed gauge or absolute. Please contact Druck for more information.

Proof Pressure Proof pressure tested to 1.5 x F.S.

Overpressure The operating pressure range can be exceeded by upto 1.5 x F.S. without degrading performance.

Secondary Containment Pressure The transmitter will safely contain up to 1553 bar maximum without leakage of pressure media.

Process Media Compatibility Fluids compatible with a fully welded assembly of Inconel 625  

Temperature Measurement

Operating Temperature Ranges  Suitable for -46°C to +150°C.

Electrical Connection

Transmitter Supply Voltage 9 to 36 VDC. The minimum supply voltage that must appear across the transmitter terminals is 9 VDC and is calculated by: VMIN = VSUP - (0.02 x RLOOP). Protected to 38V inverse polarity.

Supply Sensitivity <0.005% F.S./Volt.

Insulation Resistance > 1GΩ at 50 Vdc VDC

Output Current

  • 4 to 20mA proportional loop powered output for specified operating pressure or temperature range.
  • CANbus to Cia 443 CAN OPEN profile for SIIS Level 2. Power consumption 0.85W per channel. Inrush current >40mA in 300msec
  • Modbus RS485 output also available

Please contact Druck for more information.


Accuracy Combined Non-linearity, Hysteresis, Zero and Span, Repeatability and Thermal Errors: Pressure: < 0.1% F.S. (B.S.L) Temperature: 0.2% F.S. typical.

Long Term Stability At standard reference conditions the calibration will not exceed +/-0.1% F.S. per annum.

Temperature Range Process/Fluid Temperature -46°C to 150°C Compensated -46°C to 150°C Storage -55°C to 70°C


Process Connections Available

  • 15,000 psi API 2 1/16” flange to API 6A-6BX BX152
  • 10,000 psi API 2 1/16” flange to API 6A-6BX BX152
  • 10,000 psi API 1 13/16” flange to API 6A-6BX BX151

 With pressure tapping.

Electrical Connection Compatible with a wide range of proprietary subsea connectors. Please contact Druck for more information.

Weight 17 kg nominal.

Ingress Protection IP68, submersible to 3360 mH2O.

Safety EMC emissions EN50081-1 EMC Immunity EN61000-6-2 Certification CE marked


Datasheets - PTX 400 Series

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