Druck Assembly Operator Cooks Homemade Curry for 200 Colleagues In One Sitting and Raises Funds for LOROS!

Druck Team Member Cooks for 200 in Fund Raiser for LOROS

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Suki Dhillon, an assembly operator at Groby based Druck, a Baker Hughes business, recently cooked home-made curry for more than 200 of her colleagues, helping to raise money for, LOROS!

Suki, with the help of her husband, son, two daughters and one of her colleagues, has been creating curries for Druck employees every year for the last 15 years.  

Enacting a military style operation, Suki and her family supplied enough homemade curry and rice pudding to provide 200 colleagues at Druck with a slap-up two course meal.  The whole operation took around three days: day one was shopping, which included two carloads of food and drink; day two was preparation from the family home in Thurmaston, Leicester; and day three was cooking, serving and washing up.  

'Suki is an inspiration – her selfless approach has helped foster a strong family culture across our business.'

Gordon Docherty

Suki and her family provided all the plastic plates, the cutlery, as well as the food and drink at their own expense.  All they asked in return from diners was a small donation, if they are able, to local hospice, LOROS, where Suki also spends one afternoon a week volunteering.  

Always first to volunteer or help out Suki is one of Druck’s most popular employees.  For example, during the pandemic, using her ‘old fashioned’ sewing machine, Suki spent countless evenings producing 165 handmade masks, which she distributed to Druck staff members.  COVID also failed to stop Suki cooking for her colleagues – she provided packed-lunch curries instead. She was recently recognized by the company for her caring approach and received an award.

Asked why she donates so much of her time, Suki said.  “I love helping people.  What inspires me most in life is seeing the smile on people’s faces.  There’s nothing more heart-warming and rewarding than making someone’s day a little better.”

She continued: “I joined Druck in 2008.  As soon as I arrived, I was made to feel very welcome, so much so that I began to cook curry every year for my colleagues.  I usually serve up my curry in November as it coincides with the Birthday of my Sikh God, Guru Nunak, who taught me to earn an honest living and share what you have with others.”

Gordon Docherty, vice president of Druck, recently presented Suki with a ‘Baker Hughes Care Award’ at the company’s global headquarters in Groby.  He said: “Suki is an inspiration – her selfless approach has helped foster a strong family culture across our business.  That she and her family donate so much of their time helping others is a wonderful example to us all.  I’m proud that Suki has chosen to spend the last 15 years at Druck – she’s a valued member of our team – and her culinary skills are first-class!”

The event was covered by the BBC on Shruti Chauhan show, you can hear more around the 1 hour 45 minute mark