Druck Celebrates 50th Anniversary and Growing Demand

Druck Celebrates 50th Anniversary with New and Improved Iconic Technology

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LEICESTER, U.K. - Sept. 27, 2022 – Druck, a Baker Hughes business and industry leader in pressure measurement technology and instrumentation, has announced the launch of ground-breaking new pressure calibration technology. 

Two years in the making, the DPI610E Handheld Pressure Calibrator marks the latest evolution in a series widely known as “the Druck,” first released in 1984.  

Druck’s customers rely on calibration technology to ensure equipment is performing efficiently and effectively. The new technology, the launch of which complements Druck’s 50-year anniversary, will enable customers to optimise the performance of their assets through enhanced calibration.   

The DPI610E, a battery-powered, portable calibrator supporting pressures ranging from 350 mbar through to 1,000 bar, removes the need for plants to manage and invest in multiple devices to perform different calibrations. 

“The iconic ‘Druck’ is back,” said Druck vice president, Gordon Docherty. “Leveraging our strong pressure calibration heritage, the DPI610E reflects the very best of Druck in our 50th year — rugged, reliable, accurate and ground-breaking. We’re excited by the addition of the 610E to our DPI series and expect our customers, especially those who operate in harsh environments, to widely welcome its introduction.”

Bluetooth enabled, the purpose-built DPI610E device is designed to solve the critical challenges that technicians face when trying to calibrate a transmitter accurately and reliably under harsh conditions. With a battery life of up to 90 hours, the unit is capable of pressure generation, fine control and loop measurement, reducing downtime for customers.  

Founded in in 1972 in Leicester, Druck has grown into a global leader for pressure measurement supporting customers in more than 70 countries across a wide range of applications. For more information about the DPI610E Handheld Pressure Calibrator, click here