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Customised Solution to Enhance Water Level Monitoring in Rivers and Lakes

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A Druck pressure sensing solution has been installed to help an environmental monitoring business measure water level in rivers and lakes in Zhejiang, China, providing early warning of potential flooding. The UNIK5000 Differential Submersible Pressure Sensor was was offered to provide an inexpensive solution to ensure reliable level measurements in a potentially hostile environment.

Customer Challenge

Water monitoring systems enable environmental management professionals to stay abreast of fluctuating water quality and address potential issues before they develop into more serious problems. Due to storm surges, rising tides and water levels it is essential flood warning systems can monitor water levels in real-time. Early warning of rising water levels can help to reduce the impact of flood disasters, therefore reliable and accurate measurement technology is extremely important. Druck’s submersible pressure sensors offers unparalleled remote performance and provides an accurate long-term measuring system solution.


Water monitoring systems use highly resistive pressure sensors to measure water levels and provide regular data. A highly sensitive pressure sensor was of paramount importance in order to record water level and temperature to a high accuracy. Druck design fully submersible equipment that incorporate the most recent technological advances in depth and level measurement. At the heart of these sensors is a pressure element manufactured from micromachined silicon developed within Druck’s own processing facility.


The Druck team worked closely with the customer to define the requirements and identify the right solution, which included development of the UNIK5000 Configurable Modular Pressure Sensing Platform. This configurable pressure sensor is designed specifically for level and depth measurements and uses our state-of-the-art technology to enable best in class performance for stability, low power and frequency response. Housed in an all-welded titanium construction, the 1830 Series as an alternative delivers improved stability and increased corrosion resistance in harsh environments as well as reliability of readings in extreme pressure and temperature conditions, providing the customer with an ideal long-term solution for consistent, accurate water level measurements.

Druck’s DPS5000 SDI-12 Digital Pressure Sensor was also considered by the customer due to its stable performance, anti-corrosion and low power consumption. Given the high performance, together with advanced signal, both sensors could provide accurate and reliable pressure information.

Added Value

The UNIK5000 offered the customer a significant efficiency increase by providing real time accurate data for operators to make fast and assertive decisions, which highly impact time and cost savings. Druck’s pressure sensor portfolio provides satisfying specifications, extensive qualification and acceptance testing standard. The customer was very satisfied with UNIK5000’s high accuracy, reliability and long-term stability as well as Druck’s local technical support, production and service capability.


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