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Real Time Monitoring of UST Pressure Management Systems

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Manufacturer of fuelling stations equipment uses Druck' pressure sensor to optimise UST pressure management system performance

Druck’s customer is a world leading manufacturer of fuelling stations equipment and supplies. The company offers products such as curb pump and vapour recovery hoses, safety breakaways, nozzles and emission control system processors.



To protect people and the environment, fuelling stations are fitted with an Underground Storage Tank (UST) pressure management system. This system is used to track fuel levels within an underground storage tank over time to determine if the tank is leaking and detect the over-production of vapour gas, which needs to be regulated to minimise the impact upon the environment. The UST pressure management system also provides measurements of the fuel level, volume and temperature, helping to capture and reduce the release of fugitive gasoline vapours. 

Installed in the UST management system is a pressure sensor which provides pressure-related data. The pressure sensor measures minor pressure changes within the system’s regulated UST as levels of fuel increase and decrease in the system. Measurement data provided by the sensor is delivered to a control system which monitors the UST pressure.

Druck’s customer wanted to replace its ageing UST pressure management systems and needed a highly accurate, cost-effective pressure sensor to measure tank inventory data. It was also an essential requirement for the pressure sensor to be available within short lead-times.



Following the customer’s thorough supplier review and qualification process, Druck’s UNIK5000 configurable modular pressure sensor was selected as the basis on which to build a bespoke pressure sensing solution. 

The UNIK5000 pressure sensor combines proven silicon technology and analogue circuitry with modular design and lean manufacturing techniques to create a pressure measurement product range, available at short lead times. 

Furthermore, the UNIK5000 configurable modular pressure sensor delivers high accuracy and repeatability, which is critical for continued monitoring of UST parameters in the varied climatic environments where the UST pressure management systems are located.


Added Value

Following the successful installation of the UNIK5000 pressure sensors, the customer has requested the involvement of Druck’s Regional Sales Leader, Sales Engineer and Product Specialist to support the customer’s future system development projects to enable their competitiveness and market share growth. 

The customer also achieved the following benefits: 

  • Smooth incorporation into their current pressure monitoring system meaning no great increase in equipment downtime during the simple installation process
  • The ability to upgrade to their measurement technology to ensure accurate data can be tracked and logged for warranty and asset integrity purposes. 
  • Reliable technology and delivery to ensure no system issues or delays and the resultant unscheduled downtime of operations that would cause. 


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