Effectively and efficiently optimize your production with real-time asset monitoring. Our artificial lift digital solutions provide an integrated field connectivity solution, bringing wellsite data to you through a secure web-based interface so you can control operating devices remotely.

Regardless of the artificial lift method, our artificial lift digital solutions will help you increase oil recovery, efficiency, and profitability, while reducing cost and managing resources to drive production optimization.

Track and trend the health of your equipment, oil recovery, production flow, and well patterns. Constantly learn from past performance, using correlation analysis, multi-axis well history, interactions, and dependency analysis. Put your data to work with advanced analytics and self-learning models, while connecting across your enterprise with one single user experience.

Our AutographPC™ software is the most comprehensive and user-friendly system design and application simulation software to deliver the best solution for your application. This software can be used to design production systems for all of our product lines, including: electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems, electrical submersible progressing cavity pumping (ESPCP™) systems, and horizontal surface pumping (HPump™) systems.

We offer the  ProductionLink™ integrated production optimization platform to provide real-time transmission and monitoring of artificial lift operational data to effectively and efficiently optimize production, regardless of lift type. These services deliver an integrated field connectivity solution, bringing wellsite data to you through a secure web-based interface. ProductionLink monitoring solutions minimize health and safety risks (requiring fewer trips to the field), reduce well intervention costs and downtime, and maximize equipment run life.

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Artificial lift digital solutions

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