• Make detailed evaluations without having to pull the tubing
  • Identify casing defects, including longitudinal cracks and transverse cracks and holes
  • Acquire temperature and pressure profiles and determine depth of sustained casing pressure

  • Quantitative determination of thickness and corrosion of casing/tubing
  • Multi-string casing evaluation
  • Operating oil, gas, and water wells, onshore or offshore

Baker Hughes's Aperio™ Electro-Magnetic Defectoscope (EMD) gives you a detailed understanding of the casing barrier integrity in your wells. Using transient electromagnetics, the Aperio EMD quantitatively measures metal thickness and anomalies in up to four casing barriers and confirms the presence or absence of a fifth barrier.


Detailed measurement of multiple casing criteria

Get accurate evaluation of multiple barriers—without any interference from the wellbore, annular fluids, or cement—with the measurement sensitivity of the Aperio EMD’s three sets of electromagnetic sensors. The sensors provide short, medium, and deep depths of investigation to identify critical information on casing quality:

  • Local reductions in casing wall thickness over time due to corrosion
  • Mechanical wear, including hard-to-detect wear situations like key seats
  • Cracks, flaws, holes, zones of explosive perforation, and damage to sand screens
  • The presence of outer barrier collars and centralizers to select window depth for sidetrack operations and plug setting depth
  • Time-lapse monitoring of multiple barriers to optimize well integrity intervention and workover operations

The Aperio EMD’s high-speed transient electromagnetic excitation gives you a wider and denser spectrum of frequencies versus standard multi-frequency electromagnetic tools. This improved spectrum improves your signal-to-noise ratio for enhanced tool response.

The Aperio EMD also incorporates data from your gamma ray, pressure, and temperature sensors. The gamma-ray sensor provides depth correlation of your EMD logs. Pressure data helps evaluate borehole fluid contacts or perform a gradient survey. And detailed temperature data helps you identify the potential for annular fluid flow.

Broaden the spectrum of your casing inspection by combining data from the Aperio EMD with other Aperio well integrity services, including the spectrum Noise Tool (NTO), Multi-finger Imaging Tool (MIT) caliper log, Radial Bond Tool (RBT) and Production Logging Tools (PLT).

Contact us to learn how the Aperio EMD can maximize your understanding of the integrity of your casing strings.


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