When you have to re-enter a well, you need workover systems that quickly get you back into production. Baker Hughes well intervention and workover tools and services minimize the risk and maximize the production outcome of your downhole intervention.

Draw upon nearly a century of advances, refinement, and experience to optimize any remedial operation, including through-tubing fishing, wellbore cleanup, hydraulic fracturing and matrix stimulation treatments, temporary well suspension, and permanent plug and abandonment.

Select from a full scope of workover systems for any intervention need:

Barrier Systems

Maximize well barrier integrity at any stage of your well’s life cycle with our reliable, ISO- and ANSI/API-certified barrier systems. 

Service Packers

Optimize the effectiveness of your squeeze-cementing, casing testing, hydraulic fracturing, and high-pressure acidizing-with-testing jobs with our compression-set service packers. 

Drillable Cement Retainers and Bridge Plugs

Cut costs while increasing efficiency in your multizone isolation and plugging operations with our versatile, dependable drillable plugs and retainers.

Retrievable Plugs

Finish your workover faster, and at reduced risk and cost, with our retrievable bridge plugs. 

Inflatable Systems

Reach past wellbore restrictions and ensure effective isolation in a wide range of challenging downhole environments with our proven inflatable tools.

You can deploy these diverse systems with an equally diverse range of conveyance options—drill pipe, threaded pipe, coiled tubing, snubbing pipe, electric wireline, and slickline—to ensure the fastest and most cost-effective workover solution for your operation.

Let’s work together to develop workover solutions that deliver the greatest production boost for your wells, at the lowest risk and cost.


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