First oil or gas with minimum spending

Whether you’re operating in large-bore gas, deep-water, or long tieback distance fields, our subsea production systems get you to first oil or gas with minimum capital expenditure. Our unique technology allows you to manage your field through simple configuration changes, without the need for new hardware structures as the reservoir pressure changes—and because our solutions are easily expandable, you spend only as your well-count grows.

Reliability and predictability

Baker Hughes brings reliability and predictability to your project. Reliable, on-time delivery in the development phase ensures aggressive project schedules are met. Reliability throughout life-of-field ensures minimum interventions during field operations, supported by advanced, remote production-assurance monitoring.

We deliver all of this through innovative commercial models covering all aspects of field development, from reservoirs to fluid consumption and point of sale. Baker Hughes offers light, short-cycle products, wrapped up as solutions in predesigned field layouts that can be efficiently installed with flow-assurance certainty.

We are globally recognized as a world-class, subsea lifecycle equipment and services business, leveraging game-changing technology, premium solutions and digital innovation for unmatched outcomes for our customers.


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Subsea production systems