• Deliver stable wellbores on time and on target
  • Tackle a full range of drilling mud challenges through expert planning and collaboration
  • Optimize drilling operations by cooling and lubricating BHA tools and improving hole cleaning


  • Harsh onshore well environments
  • Deepwater and HP/HT well environments
  • Shale wells
  • Reservoir drilling
  • Geothermal wells


Maximize drilling performance while minimizing costs with drilling fluids solutions from Baker Hughes. Our Drilling & Completion Fluids team delivers Intelligent Fluids Solutions—products and services that help you:

  • Make faster, more accurate drilling decisions in a more demanding digital world
  • Confidently deliver stable wellbores to target depth, on time and on budget, with unparalleled service and speed
  • Implement solutions that lower operational risks while helping optimize production for the life of the asset


Intelligent fluids and additives for cost-effective drilling

Whatever your drilling application—including deepwater, onshore, shale, reservoir drill-in, high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT), and geothermal—Baker Hughes delivers intelligent fluid formulations for the most demanding environments. Our customized additives, polymers, and lubricants enhance the performance of any drilling mud system—including oil-based, water-based, and synthetic-based drilling fluids.

Intelligent Fluids Solutions are built on three pillars.

  • Intelligent. Our continued investment in the latest software, automation tools, and artificial intelligence solutions help deliver fluid solutions that improve wellbore stability, increase rates of penetration, and minimize risks to the crew and environment.
  • Fluids. With a targeted focus on fluids, our portfolio spans drilling fluids, completion fluids, and fluid waste management technologies. Our highly trained teams keep delivering greater drilling efficiencies by developing new mud systems and fluids innovations.
  • Solutions. Collaboration is a cornerstone of everything we do. We work closely with our clients throughout the project--from formulating new fluids to managing wellsite operations to conducting follow-up services after the job. And we address unique challenges by drawing on the vast expertise and technologies of the greater Baker Hughes portfolio.

Together, these pillars make us the industry’s only choice for Intelligent Fluids Solutions.

Want to optimize your drilling performance and maximize the long-term value of your oil and gas wells? Contact your Baker Hughes Intelligent Fluids specialist today.


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