• Achieve reliable, efficient solids/fluid separation at the wellsite
  • Minimize waste volumes and disposal costs

  • Drilling applications in remote locations
  • Environmentally sensitive regions where waste disposal is highly regulated



Recover and recycle more of your drilling fluid’s water phase with proven dewatering services from Baker Hughes. Combining exceptional solids/fluids separation technology with fluid chemistry expertise, our dewatering services help minimize your waste volumes while maximizing the volume of water back into your drilling operation.


Maximize fluid recovery with flexible, full-service dewatering systems

Our dewatering services are a critical part of the Baker Hughes Fluids Environmental Services (FES), which has delivered effective, eco-friendly oilfield waste management solutions for more than 30 years.

The services include a self-contained, skid-mounted dewatering unit that can be easily transported to your drilling location. Each unit includes state-of-the-art mixing and polymer agitating tanks, metering and transfer pumps, and static mixers. You’re assured real-time control of the dewatering process with the unit’s single control panel, quality check points, and a work platform for fluid sampling and equipment maintenance purposes. To minimize field workers from the hazardous risks of acid exposure, the system’s acid injection system is separated from the work areas.

And for added flexibility and efficiency, FES incorporates a variable speed centrifuge into the dewatering system. This centrifuge affords continuous adjustments to your fluid’s chemical and physical parameters to accommodate real-time changes to the wide-ranging properties of water-based drilling fluids in your system.

Contact us today to learn how Baker Hughes's dewatering services can maximize your fluid recycling efforts in the field.


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