Reservoir fluids from Baker Hughes are specialized systems formulated to protect your pay zone, simplify your clean-up process, and maximize your hydrocarbon recovery.


Protect your pay zone from formation damage

We developed a full suite of drill-in fluids to protect your reservoirs in formations ranging from unconsolidated sandstones to fractured limestones. Our DIF systems are ideally suited for drilling your pay zones because of their special characteristics:

  • Good drilling fluid properties
  • Easy removal
  • Superior filter cake quality
  • Proper flowback ability
  • Compatibility with prepack and gravel pack completions
  • Effective technology for all applications

We have used this technology in more than 350 reservoirs in every major producing field in the world.

Contact a Baker Hughes representative today to start a conversation about how our reservoir fluids and specialized completion fluids can help you increase production and lower costs.


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