Novel and industry-leading invert emulsion drilling fluids from Baker Hughes provides the kind of customizable performance to deliver your well successfully, regardless of environment and application. These oil-based muds get you to market faster while improving your operational efficiency.


Get extreme performance in extreme environments

We're in the forefront of developing synthetic-based, compliant invert emulsion systems for drilling in challenging downhole conditions — such as deepwater and high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) environments. We also make sure these new muds will meet the industry’s stringent environmental requirements.

The development of our unique mud additives was driven by the extreme HP/HT environment associated with deep shelf drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and the deviated HP/HT wells drilled in the North Sea, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere. Laboratory testing demonstrates our fluid's stability at temperatures more than 500°F (260°C) and pressures exceeding 30,000 psi, with field data to back up our capability in these extreme environments.

From our proven low-toxicity mineral oil (LTMO)-based CARBO-SEA™ system, to the synthetic SYN-TEQ™ sytems, to the extreme HP/HT MAGMA-TEQ™ mud, we have the family of invert emulsion fluid systems to tackle the growing diversity of your drilling applications. Our latest addition includes the DELTA-TEQ™ low-pressure-impact drilling fluid for offshore wells with critically narrow drilling windows.

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