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Bottlenecks in your refinery’s transfer lines create operational challenges that limit your processing capacity and profitability. Drag reducers from Baker Hughes offer proven solutions to enhance product throughput in your short transfer lines—even those less than two miles in length.

Proven technologies like the Baker Hughes FLO NOW™ instant drag reduction services reduce your bottlenecks to get your refining and terminal operations back on track. Featuring a patented mobile injection unit and chemical drag reduction agents, the service quickly introduces the solution into the crude or finished product line. Drag reduction is quickly achieved to give you higher levels of refining availability and terminal transfer.

Our drag reduction solutions deliver several benefits to the operation and economics of your processes.

Increase unloading rates. Transfer finished fuels or crudes more efficiently and improve scheduling flexibility while avoiding vessel demurrage

Maximize terminal versatility. Improve flow in your terminal with chemical drag reduction solutions that are compatible with all types of hydrocarbon fluids

Increase processing availability. Optimize the processing capacity in your refinery with proven solutions that increase your throughput

Lower costs and residence time. Reduce the bottlenecks and residence time in your transfer lines during terminal loading and unloading

Contact us to learn how Baker Hughes drag reducer technologies can reduce the bottlenecks in your refinery and terminal applications.



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