• Control fouling and decrease cleaning, maintenance costs
  • Maintain target throughput while increasing feedstock flexibility
  • Extend run lengths and improve reliability

  • Crude units
  • Hydrotreaters
  • Fluid catalytic cracking units



Prevent process-side fouling in your refinery units with proven LIFESPAN™ fouling and stability control programs from Baker Hughes. Our comprehensive, collaborative programs address your specific fouling challenges to maintain crude unit throughput while keeping your operating costs under control.


Optimize unit operability with full-range fouling analysis and control

Process-side fouling occurs in many refinery units, particularly crude units, hydrotreaters, and fluid catalytic cracking units (FCCUs). If left unchecked, fouling will reduce your throughput and cause unscheduled unit shutdowns and maintenance issues. Fouling increases your energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and operating costs.

Our application specialists work with you to understand your specific unit and its potential for fouling. The LIFESPAN fouling and stability and control programs use a practical, systematic approach to address your heat exchanger fouling issues. This begins with a thorough unit survey that gathers operational and mechanical data, reviews your equipment operating history, and collects process samples.

Proprietary testing programs then analyze your samples to fully understand the fouling mechanism at work in your system. With the test results and your operational data as guide, our technical specialists then screen appropriate antifoulant products for their effectiveness and pinpoint the optimal treatment program to solve your fouling challenge in the most cost-effective manner. 

We then help you implement this program in your unit. We work with your operations and engineering team to

  • Identify appropriate injection locations
  • Define startup and ongoing treatment protocols
  • Set up monitoring programs
  • Establish performance goals

Our proven LIFESPAN fouling and stability programs have helped refineries target and treat their specific fouling problems—maximizing their crude unit throughput and return on investment.

Contact us today to learn how Baker Hughes LIFESPAN fouling and stability control programs can maximize the operating life of your exchangers and keep your crude unit running at full performance and profitability.


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