• Decrease feedstock costs by improving heavy oil process capability
  • Minimize wastewater plant upsets during heavy crude processing
  • Decrease energy costs and corrosion risks by improving salt removal efficiency

  • Low-cost, heavy-crude processing
  • Crude pretreatment at the desalter
  • Wastewater systems



Reduce feedstock costs in your refinery while improving processing flexibility with XERIC™ heavy oil demulsifiers from Baker Hughes. Using well-established crude management concepts, our demulsifier programs turn heavy crude feedstocks into moneymaking opportunities rather than a potential for lost profits.


Boost throughput with comprehensive demulsifier strategies

The high viscosity and high solids content of heavy crudes often present processing challenges in the form of uncontrolled emulsions, oil carryunder, and water and salt carryover. If left unchecked, these challenges can reduce your throughput, cause wastewater treatment plant upsets, increase fouling and corrosion risks, and raise your energy costs.

Our XERIC heavy oil demulsifier program helps you resolve these challenges to increase throughput, minimize operating costs, and ensure environmental compliance. Our program is customized to your specific challenges, and combines comprehensive system-wide analysis, effective chemical treatment technologies, and broad-based expertise for mitigating heavy oil processing problems.


Increase flexibility and reduce risk with powerful predictive tools

Anticipate any processing challenges early by working with our demulsifier and water processing experts. Using analytical tools like the Baker Hughes ASIT services™, our specialists analyze your feedstocks on site to provide rapid, insightful measurements of crude blend asphaltene stability. And if your challenges also include desalting difficulties or potential wastewater processing problems, we’ll give you the knowledge and tools to solve them.

With the XERIC heavy oil demulsifier program, your refinery will be able to process a wider variety of crudes, while lowering the risks they pose to your desalter and other refining operations. Our program solutions have a proven record of helping refiners resolve their most difficult treatment challenges while delivering:

  • Upgraded feedstock quality
  • Improved crude unit reliability
  • Improved slop oil processing
  • Reduced wastewater treatment plant upsets

Contact us today to learn how XERIC heavy oil demulsifiers can improve your refinery profitability and feedstock flexibility.


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